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Son Tom Snyder sworn in as an attorney-at-law in New York State. Welcome to the New York Bar!

Thomas J. Snyder, Esq., far right, with the Justices of the N.Y.S. Appellate Division, Fourth Department.

Our son, Thomas J. Snyder, Esq., was sworn in to the New York State Bar on January 9, 2019. Another proud day for his parents [see, https://www.jimsnyderlaw.com/blog/2018/6/3/harvard-law-school-class-of-2018-graduation]. Tom is pictured here, far right, after the admission ceremony with the distinguished Justices of the N.Y.S. Appellate Division, Fourth Department, in Rochester, N.Y. Tom will continue on to complete his Ph.D. studies at The University of Chicago in modern German legal and constitutional history.

James Snyder