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Been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle collision and you were not at fault?  Here’s what to do next. 

Photograph:  Red car on flatbed with smashed front end from a collision.

You were a driver or a passenger in a car or truck or on a motorcycle involved in a collision in New York State, and you were injured enough to seek medical treatment.  It wasn’t your fault. 

What’s the first thing to do?  Call the police to the scene while you are at the scene.  You need a police report to prove that the collision happened.  Without a police report, it’s your word against the other driver, and you can rest assured your version of the collision will not likely be supported by the person who caused your collision.

Your second step?  Give me a call or send me an email to discuss your potential motor vehicle injury claim.  My phone number 24-7 every day is: 315-884-8888, and my email is jim@jimsnyderlaw.com

After we talk, and if I accept your claim, I’ll work for you to complete all the next steps regarding processing of your injury case, including reporting the collision to your insurance carrier, contacting the negligent driver’s insurance company, helping you fill out your No-Fault application if you were the injured driver or passenger in a car or truck (sorry, motorcyclists: New York State does not provide you with No-Fault benefits.  We’ll need to talk about that), obtaining your medical records, and negotiating your injury claim with the bad driver’s insurance company.  I’ll work hard to seek a negotiated settlement and keep you informed every step of the way, but if I can’t, we may put your claim in suit and proceed with litigation.

So give me a call or email me.  If I take your case, I will only charge an attorney fee of 25 percent.  It’s my 25 percent fee guarantee.