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automobile accidents

You’re the victim of an automobile “accident,” and you’ve been seriously injured.  I don’t call them “accidents,” because remember when you were a kid and Mom excused the broken lamp by saying “accidents happen?”  Well, the bad guy’s insurance company wants to say “accident” for the same reason, to excuse careless, negligent driving.  I don’t.  I call them collisions, because that’s what they are, and collisions are caused by a driver not paying attention, driving too fast, on their cell phone, etc.  Let’s face it, there are a million lawyers chasing you when you’re hurt in a collision -- but only one with my experience and acknowledged ability who charges you a lower 25 percent lawyer fee.  So call me first.  

Photo: Wrecked car.

motorcycle accidents

You’re a biker.  Most cagers cause accidents with cycles.  You’re a careful rider, going straight with the right-of-way, light on, pipes loud, and the car or truck making a left turn never sees you.  You’re hit, airborne and lucky to be alive -- but now you have huge medical bills after an extended hospital stay and you’re out of work because motorcycles are not covered by No-Fault insurance.  I’m a biker-friendly attorney who understands where the center of gravity is on a cycle, shaft versus chain drive, and the call of the open road.  (25 percent lawyer fee guarantee applicable.)  

Photo: Classic BMW motorcycle.

construction accidents

You’re a construction worker.  You never want to be inside.  You’ve spent your life outdoors, on a scaffold, on a roof, framing houses, squaring steel, pouring cement, painting bridges.  Then one day, the scaffold collapses.  A cement block falls.  A truck backs up.  And your ability to make a living is gone.  There are some special safe workplace laws in New York that protect construction workers.  I’ll handle your construction injury claim and get you to an outstanding Workers’ Compensation attorney.  We’ll work together to put your life back together.  (25 percent lawyer fee guarantee applicable.)

Photo:  Construction worker carrying load.

defective products

Everyone believes the product they buy is safe -- until it isn’t.  Companies wouldn’t sell unsafe products that can explode, spill, lacerate or amputate, right?  Wrong.  Everything purchased by consumers is subject to product liability and warranty laws requiring those products to be safe for users -- including you, your family and your children.  Now think Galaxy Note 7 batteries, Takata airbags, or GM ignition switches.  Then call me if a defective product causes injury -- and save that defective product!  (25 percent lawyer fee guarantee applicable, unless claim is referred to outside counsel.)         

Photo: Old photo of 1920's car with wheel that fell off front end.

big truck collisions

While driving, you’ve been eyeball-to-eyeball with the front bumper of an 18-wheeler, or next to the trailer while passing and realized how easy it would be for your car to be crushed.  It’s terrifying.  Collisions between cars and 18-wheelers never end well.  Catastrophic injury cases involving big trucks require time, resources, and knowledge of Federal regulations.  If you are seriously injured by a big truck, call me.  If it’s necessary, I’ll team up here with a highly-experienced national law firm to handle your case.  (25 percent lawyer fee guarantee applicable, unless claim is referred to outside counsel.) 

Photo:  Large green tractor trailer truck at speed in a blur.

medical malpractice

No one likes to think their doctor can make a medical error.  People trust their doctors, and expect they know best.  There are strict rules that apply to doctors.  Rules about how they are to practice, rules about professional standards, and rules about what and how they are to inform patients of the risks of treatment.  When a doctor deviates from those rules and that deviation causes a patient permanent harm and injury, the patient is entitled to compensation.  These are serious cases.   Contact me if you think you are the victim of medical neglect.  (By statute, 25 percent lawyer fee guarantee not applicable.)    

Photo:  Surgeon in operating room. 

drug and medical device injury

Your doctor carefully prescribes a medicine, or recommends surgery for implantation of an artificial hip, pacemaker, or other medical device.  So what do you do?  You trust that the medicine will be safe and you take it.  You trust that the implanted medical device will be safe and you have the surgery.  Then something with the medicine or the medical device goes terribly wrong.  You’re permanently injured.  Did the manufacturer know?  How could they do that?  But they do.  I’ll team up here with a highly-experienced national law firm to handle your case.  (25 percent lawyer fee guarantee not applicable.) Learn More >

disability rights claims

I have a deep interest in disability rights claims.  Multiple members of my family have experienced late-deafness and have cochlear implants.  I have been an advocate for people with disabilities, and am familiar with the tools available to those who experience discrimination in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  If you are an individual who is blind, visually-impaired, Deaf, hard-of-hearing, late-deafened, Deaf-blind, have mobility or physical impairments or disability, have intellectual disabilities or a spinal or brain injury and are the victim of discrimination, please contact me for a free consultation.  (Hourly fee subject to Court approval; 25 percent lawyer fee guarantee not applicable.)

Photo:  Blue and white wheelchair parking lot symbol painted on asphalt.

slip and fall

You're walking, and you think that stairway, sidewalk or entrance is clean, safe and sturdy.  Under New York law, the owner of a property is supposed to take care of the premises, right?  Yes, that's true -- until they don't.  Suddenly you fall because the stair is worn or breaks, trip on the broken sidewalk, or slip on a puddle of water left at the front door that wasn't cleaned up.  You fell because of the property owner's carelessness and negligence, and your injury is bad -- surgery to your ankle, leg or arm, with insertion of metal plates and screws.  Fall injuries are never minor.  If this happens to you, give me a call or send me an email.  (25 percent lawyer fee guarantee applicable.)

Photo:  Two feet in sneakers, one taking a step off a stair.