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Consumer Rights and Fraud

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In our highly-successful, free-market capitalist system, we expect that competition will ensure the best deals at the lowest prices for the highest-quality goods.  Otherwise, if a company is not competitive in the marketplace, or if fails to offer the safest products, they’ll go out of business, right?

Wrong.  That’s what should happen.  But too often it doesn’t.

Manufacturers, utilities, service providers, banks, retailers – literally everyone in the consumer sales, service and marketing business -- are too often willing to cut corners when it comes to consumer protection, value and safety.  While we cannot presume bad intentions, sometimes we find to our unpleasant surprise that we’ve been cheated, or bought a flimsy, dangerous product, or the advertising didn’t match up with the service.

Then we learn a tough lesson: we’ve been had.

 Maybe we’ve been sold insurance we did not need, or we’ve been denied coverage we paid for but now there’s a “problem” with our insurance claim.  Maybe we’re improperly charged for overdraft fees when our bank re-orders our credit card purchases in its favor at midnight.  Maybe we had our private credit and Social Security information stolen in a massive cyberhack of a big-box retail store.  Perhaps we’ve purchased a product we thought was well-made but it turns out that in normal use it failed and broke and now we’re stuck with junk – or maybe it was even unsafe and dangerous and caused us to get sick or injured.

These are all potential consumer injuries or fraudulent transactions that result in financial loss. 

Fortunately, there are laws in place in New York State that protect consumers from being cheated, unfairly deceived, or physically injured by unsafe products.  Powerful laws that only an experienced law firm can assist you in utilizing.  James T. Snyder Law, PLLC, can help you enforce your consumer rights when you’ve suffered financial loss or injury from fraud.

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