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No-Fault Blog No. 2: If you’re hurt in a car or truck collision in New York, you must make a No-Fault (“PIP”) claim.

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So after a collision and you’re an injured driver or passenger in a car or truck, the insurance company of the vehicle you were in must be contacted, and you need to obtain a “Application for Motor Vehicle No-Fault Benefits,” which should be sent to you immediately.  As the injured party, this No-Fault (“PIP”) application has to be filled out and signed by you and returned back to your insurance company within thirty (30) days of the collision, or your application for benefits may be denied as untimely.  (Injured people used to have ninety (90) days of the collision to turn the application in, which was better, but that regulation was changed at the behest of the auto insurance companies a number of years ago.  Not helpful for consumers, but that’s a discussion for another day).

As I mentioned, if you contact me and I take your injury case, I will guide you through this process and help you fill out and send in your No-Fault application properly and timely, and I’ll follow-up and push your No-Fault carrier to treat you fairly and pay your bills in a timely manner.  But no matter what, the No-Fault application MUST be in the hands of your insurance company within thirty (30) days of the date of the collision.  Do NOT wait!

More to come.