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It's "Speed Week" in New York State -- a perfect storm for D.W.I. arrests.

Photograph: Police car racing with its emergency lights on.

It’s “Speed Week” this week in New York State.  The weather is nice, roads are clear, and people are out in their cars and trucks.  So law enforcement is out, too, with extra patrols working the highways and byways all around New York State looking for speeders and aggressive drivers on the road:


Think you can’t get caught?  In 2017 during “Speed Week,” police in New York State issued more than 21,000 tickets to motorists across the state -- in one week.

Being pulled over for speeding gives the police all kinds of extra opportunities to look at your car, question you, possibly even ask you to get out of the car to conduct a personal or vehicle search, depending upon the circumstances. 

That’s when the trouble begins.  Because once you’re stopped, the extra tickets -- or arrests -- start.

You could be arrested and charged in New York State with Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Ability Impaired by alcohol or drugs.  You could be arrested under New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (V.T.L.) §§ 1192 or 1193, which could be a misdemeanor or felony. 

Along with those charges, you may be issued New York State traffic tickets for unlicensed operation (V.T.L. § 509), unregistered motor vehicle (V.T.L. § 401), uninspected motor vehicle (V.T.L. § 306), uninsured motor vehicle (V.T.L. § 319), or even aggravated unlicensed operation (V.T.L. § 511).

You’re in serious trouble.

This could be your first encounter with the criminal justice system -- or maybe even your fourth or fifth time.  Or maybe you have a scofflaw arrest warrant for not paying that parking ticket last year.  No matter how often you’ve been in trouble with the police and criminal courts in New York State, you’ve now got a big problem.  You could go to jail.  You could lose your license or driving privileges.  You are facing substantial financial charges and penalties.

You cannot go it alone. 

You need an experienced New York State D.W.I. and D.W.A.I. lawyer who has extensive trial, negotiation and plea-bargaining experience representing arrested defendants in the criminal justice system -- whether defending a D.W.I. charge in a town court held in a highway garage in Upstate New York, or a felony indictment in the New York State Supreme Court, Criminal Term, in New York City.

You’ve come to the right place at James T. Snyder Law.

I have practiced as a criminal defense lawyer for people arrested and charged with crimes for over 35 years.  As a criminal defense lawyer and Senior Trial Attorney with The Legal Aid Society of the City of New York, Criminal Defense Division in Brooklyn, I represented thousands of people arrested and charged with serious crimes, including every kind of drunk-driving or drug-impaired D.W.I. and D.W.A.I.  charge and related vehicular violations.  I have continued to represent men and women charged with crimes in both New York State and U.S. Federal Court, including the complexities of D.W.I. representation and defense.    

If you’ve been arrested and charged with D.W.I. or a related offense, I want to bring my lifetime of criminal defense experience to your case.  Call or email me for a no-cost, free case review and analysis.  My fees are reasonable, and payment plans area easily discussed. 

If you or someone you know has been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Ability Impaired in New York State, you need maximum advocacy.  I’ll be there for you every step of the way.  Call or email me for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

I’ll help you work it out -- during Speed Week or any other time of the year. 

James Snyder